Who Are We To Judge?

Essay by plynn44 February 2003

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Capital Punishment has been recognised by most countries at one time in their history as a civilised way of disposing of criminals who them deem to be unforgivable and so "bad" that they think it is necessary to take away Gods greatest gift of life. Through time many countries that have blatantly abused the death penalty, have now reformed and came to the conclusion that the death penalty is not necessary to punish criminals for their crimes.

Over the years countries have tried to come up with the most seemingly civilised ways to put people to death. Countries have tried to find the most indirect method of putting criminals to death. However, the act still has to be committed. Technology has come a long way from the primitive times of just chopping someone's head off with an axe, or hanging them by their neck from the nearest tree. But the advanced technology that is at present still has the same effect that they had in years past, and this is death for the offender.

Life is the greatest gift we have all been given. Life we should love and not yearn to destroy. Is any crime so great that someone deserves to lose a life?

In the last centaury, demonstrations have taken place all over the world for equal rights. We campaign against racism, sexism and in our own country mainly against sectarianism.

In a world claiming to pursue equal rights for everyone, why do countries such as America use capital punishment as a form of discipline? The death penalty is unfairly used, as blacks are more likely to receive it. Just imagine yourself, sitting on a jury in America, where a white man is sitting trial for raping a seventeen year old girl and then dragging her body into...