Which type of movie do you prefer?

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Nowadays, there are lots of entertainment that you can choose to enjoy. One thing in this case is movie media, providing a variety of type to the audiences. Two things of this are discussed in the kind of entertain and serious movies. In my view, I prefer to watch the serious movies designing to inspire my ideas.

First of all, some kind of movies are created to make the audience think, in the case of documentary, short-movie or some drama movies, for example. Someone thinks watching the movies that provides some of ideas or inspire something's in the life is the most important, it like reading the book that you can get some of information or knowledge about the topic that you are interested, and I tend to feel that it not waste the time. Sometimes I can use that story discuss it with my friend and I receive lots of information back.

On the other hand, someone may argue that watching something serious is boring. Watching movies should be the things that really to amuse and entertain. After returning home from working hard they want to relax, and no more serious things in the head. These days, there are lots of movies created to the audience just for fun and laugh. It easier to watch than something that give you many question and let you think.

All in all, in my opinion, it should be the best if the production is created movies that including two things, watching to make the ideas of thinking is the most important, but should not bore.