Why Abortion Should Be Legal

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Thesis: Abortion should be legal because it can prevent future abuse of children who are unwanted or the birth of abnormal children. If the mother is left to raise a child by her own and has no money, abortion can prevent a mother and a child going through bad times. It is not murder.

Some people say that abortion should be illegal because they say that it is murder but other people also believe that abortion is not a crime and that the decision of a mother having her child should be hers and hers only. I Believe that abortion should be legal. If a woman decides that she does not want the child she is caring or going to have and is forced to have the child she will not love the child as much as a mother would. Not having the abortion will cause the abuse of future children, the problem of an unwanted child, and sometimes the problem of an abnormal child.

A Fetus is not a human therefore it can not hear, see, or feel anything because it is not living. A fetus is not yet a human it is a potential human being. The definition of murder is the taking of the life of another human being , an abortion is nowhere near a murder.