Why I Chose the ABC MBA Program

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In my pursuit of gaining fundamental business knowledge, I have chosen to attend the ____ MBA program. I plan on developing my professional skills in order to be better prepared for the rigors and challenges of entrepreneurship. I understand that this graduate program will instill in me some practical tools which I can call upon whenever faced with a potential challenge or even a setback, therefore I am extremely eager to develop these tools to the best of my ability. It may not be an easy path to attaining fluency and competency in utilizing these tools, however I am more than eager to begin my journey. This being my first week involved with the U________, it has already become apparent that the infrastructure available for me to better acquire the skills that I desire is plentiful and easily accessible. The first of these assets that I will focus on is rEsorce, the U_______ platform which will allow me to access any type of information that I desire.

This product will be extremely important and valuable for me during, and possibly after, my tenure at the University. The second part of this highly supportive infrastructure that I will focus on is the value of the Learning Teams. There is probably not a more valuable nor important skill in my opinion, than the ability to collaborate with others in order to achieve a desired goal. Finally, I will focus on the value of problem based learning. The ability to systematically and scientifically work out a problem is a skill that I would one day hope to have mastered. These are the three main areas of the infrastructure at the University of Phoenix that have been created specifically for me and other highly motivated individuals like myself to take advantage of and...