Why do Women Work? Critical Analysis Paper

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The writers of both articles intercept with their opinions on work. They agree that there are differing views on the subject and that working was seen as norm or even a way of life from the early days. The fact that Ms. Hart encompasses the trials of motherhood combined with working in her article "Balance between children and office is not working", does not stray from Reverend Palacious' views of why we should work and the advantages of working disclosed in the article "Work". All in all the fact remains, whether male, female or single parent, to whichever category we fit, we have to work as it satisfies the most little of reason.

Both writers point out that people work for various reasons, some work because they have to work and support their families, and others because they want to work while others simply enjoy working. Ms. Hart states that mothers feel guilty having to work and leave their young, however they must support them so they have to work and other mother will want to work; however Ms.

Hart acknowledges that a working mother will not be unaffected by the birth of her child. Ms. Palacious puts this into perspective when she states that some people enjoy what they do, while others simply hate it and is just doing it for monetary reasons. Similarly she states that "it is not easy to have to labor in the hot sun and hate every minute of it"; that clause in itself proves the very thought that some people simply hate their jobs. Coincidentally, she is on target when she states that some jobs that we will hate to do, we watch in amazement as others are so fulfilled by that type of employment.

Ms. Hart takes a different approach at...