Why Do You Believe God Exist?

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The belief in God of Christianity has been taught for over two thousand years and has been shared by people that take their beliefs at face value, the person has found something validate the existence of God, or the person believes in God based on that person's specific experiences in the world. I believe in God because of the personal experiences and thoughts that have occurred in my life. These experiences and thoughts have been my religious education, the human body, and free will.

Ever since I was a child I have been enrolled in some form of religious education such as Sunday school or CCD. Every lesson that occurred in these classes told of a miracle of God and about how God is will forgive any sin. We were also told of the rules that humans must obey for God. After learning all this information about God and receiving the sacraments I believed in God because of the idea that there is a higher being taking care of all human kind.

The human body is a marvelous wonder because it has the ability to heal itself. If a person is injured in a non-fatal area then the human body will heal itself by regenerating the lost tissue. However the human body cannot regenerate lost limbs. The Body can also kill or attempt to kill a virus foreign to the body via the use of antibodies. However there are also viruses such as AIDS or HIV that are incurable at the moment. There is no scientific explanation as to why the human body heals itself. Which asks the question how did it begin to heal itself? Why does it heal itself? I believe the answer to those questions is that God created the human body this way so his creations...