Why Do You Write?

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Why do you write? If you ask this question to different people, everyone would have different answer to it, because everyone writes for different reasons. Some people write to make money, some write to express their feelings, some write because it is part of their work, also some write to communicate with others. Everyone has a different reason to write, so do I.

I write for few reasons, I write to stay in touch with friends and my loved ones. I have friends all over the world; I like to keep in touch with them. I barely get to talk to them over the phone, so write them email to stay in touch. Now days everyone has busy life, so do I. I barely get any to talk to my friends. I am full time student and I also work full time; it?s really hard for me to manage anytime to go see my friends, or talk to them over the phone.

I write emails whenever I get time in computer class or time at home. I do not want to loose my friends, so try to keep in touch with them by emails. It is not the good way to stay in touch with them, but still I get to know how they doing. I find writing a good tool to communicate with my friends and my relatives. I write whenever I get time to communicate with my friends and my relatives.

Another reason I write because I study in university, so I get to do a lot of assignments. I get to write something for almost every class, I have to write no matter what. I like to write them, because it?s helping me in way. I came from different country; my English skills were very poor.