Why effective communication is important

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Communication facilitates the expression of ideas, plans or feelings. The ability to clearly communicate my thoughts is fundamental to my relationships, education, and work life.

I value people and I understand that the way I communicate with them will affect my relationships. Good conversation is part of relationships and effective communication is necessary to further develop that bond. A good communicator will show they care by asking good questions, listening intently and speaking with meaning.

By using effective communication, the value of my education will supersede the degree I receive. Taking an active role in my classes by communicating my thoughts and feelings will not only increase cognition, but will help me evaluate what I know about the subject and with what I need more help.

Success in my career will depend on the efficacy of my speech on the people with whom I will work. In the medical field or sales, both of which I am interested, I know that to achieve the highest degree of respect and trust, my clients must understand what I am saying.

With effective communication I can impart my ideas to sell a product or service. In the medical field clear speech will help clients understand the information I present.

Knowledge can provide confidence, however, if the spoken words are unclear to the listener will question the knowledge of the speaker. Knowledge is nothing without a means of communication. Just like a relationship, an education, and a career is nothing without communication.