Why Germany lost the First World War

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The First World War was one of the most horrifying the world has ever seen. Lasting between 1914 and 1918 the impact is such that many of the repercussions can still be seen as late on as today. The allied nations defeated Germany after 4 years of war and thousands of deaths, this essay will help to explain some of the reasons why this was the case.

There were numerous reasons behind why Germany eventually lost the war. Probably the most influential reason for this would lie with the entrance of the USA on the side of the allies (April 1917). This gave the allies a much-needed boost. America being such a big country could produce extra supplies of both troops and materials to benefit the allies. However a big factor in them joining was the "fear factor" which the German forces must have experienced if only contemplating the sheer number of American troops that would soon be ascending on them.

Although it took them until 1918 to get into action they were not fatigued and were able to fight as fresh soldiers.

Another reason was the failure of the Ludendorff offensive. This was an attempt by German forces to overpower the allies with one big attack. It initially worked, however the allies just managed to hold their line. Part of the reason it failed was to do with the fact that it was slightly rushed in an attempt to win the war or gain advantage before the arrival of the US troops. After this failed Ludendorff resigned from his post and this led to army mutinies and the German troops were left with little organisation, which in the long run was also a contributor to the triumph of the allied troops.

Part of the reason the Ludendorff failed helps...