Why Men and Women View Homosexuality Differently

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The topic that I choose for this paper was the different views that men and woman have to the subject of homosexuality. The reason that my interest was sparked in the category was in my Sociology class the subject of homosexuality had come up during a class discussion. The men that were sitting behind me made a comment on how the fact of two men being together was sick, disgusting and wrong. However when another man in the class whispered to the one that had mentioned how disgusting gay men are, the one had mentioned that he had saw a pornographic movie that happen to have three woman together sexually. To these to men the idea of woman being together was ok in there minds and they even found it arousing. However most women feel that homosexuality is the business of the people that are participating in this act. Most women feel that as long as it is not directly in front of them who care's and the fact that they don't hurt anyone by being this way.

This topic is important due to the fact that there is violence against homosexuals called "gay bashing" and how it is usually the homosexual men that are the victims and the perpetrator is usually a white male. The audience for the articles that were found on this topic was geared towards college students and or adults in there early years. Due to the fact that homophobia is something that is learned most of the journals were written for minds that were not totally made up n the topic. All the research that I found on the topic was funded by universities, and it was hard to find this topic is usually something that is not normally spoken about in major literary publications...