Why We Have an Imagination

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I think that we were given an imagination to let us explore beyond the boundaries of what we experience every day. By having an imagination we can go outside of this universe and into a whole new realm of thoughts and ideas. I believe that the purpose of our imagination is to broaden our minds so that we go beyond reality into a deeper part of our minds. By doing this I think that we expand our knowledge of the world faster than if we stick to thinking of what we can only see, smell, touch, taste, and hear.

Our imagination gives us many abilities. It gives us the ideas for stories, theories, technology, and many other things that may or may not be able to become realities, but always take us into a realm of exploration. The accomplishments of the imaginations of many people have been amazing. Without imaginations we wouldn't have books, cars, space crafts, hair cuts, and the list goes on forever.

And it's all because of our imaginations and that simple question of "what if?" Although our imaginations are amazing and wonderful things they do have some shortfalls. Many people have let there imaginations wonder into many different things that have led to some of the downfalls of this world. Examples of these downfalls are war, murder, terrorism, drugs, guns, alcohol, and many other things that are used or happen every day. The imagination can be a very dangerous thing if used in the wrong way.

Many people use there imaginations and never come back to reality, putting their self in a state of false reality. Meaning that they only believe what they want to believe and for everything else they come up with something else in there minds to replace what really happened. After a...