Was Wilfrid Laurier a Good Prime Minister? This essay is opinionated towards yes.

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Wilfred Laurier was a great prime minister! His compromises may have made many people grumble, but it would be much worse if he'd gone in favour with one group of people. Imagine the chaos if half the country were happy and half the country were angry. The ones who'd gotten what they wanted would scorn the ones who hadn't for wanting something else, and the ones who hadn't gotten what they wanted would want to unseat Wilfred Laurier. His compromises were the best way to keep the country in check. The four major events that occurred during Laurier's times were the Boer War, the Naval Crisis, the Alaska Boundary Dispute, and the Reciprocity issue.

The Boer war was fought in South Africa in the late nineteenth century. The crisis caused in Canada by it was centred on imperialism. When British colonists discovered gold and diamonds in South Africa, they attempted to take it over from the Boers, the descendants of Dutch colonists.

The Boers soon declared war against Britain. The British asked for Canadian soldiers to try to help fight the Boers. Many imperialist English Canadians wanted to help Britain, although many French Canadians did not. Laurier managed to come to a compromise, and agreed to help by equipping and transporting 1000 volunteers. In the end, 7300 volunteers were sent, and $2.8 million was spent supporting Britain. There were many responses to his course of action, although the larger parties weren't impressed. The imperialists felt that Canada had let Britain down, although the French Canadians felt that Canada had done too much. Despite the complaints of the country, Laurier was re-elected in 1900.

Laurier also had some crucial decision making to do when Britain requested funding to help build their navy. Britain was afraid that a war with...