Women's Roles In Politics

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Throughout history there have been many strong male leaders. Most of these leaders have been backed by their equally strong wives. These wives have provided their husbands with support, love, and a family. Through the patriarchal view this is about all that these wives are good for. However what we tend to neglect is what strong influence these wives have had over public affairs. Take for instance Tipper Gore and Aspasia. Both of these women have had a very big role in the public affairs of their times.

Tipper Gore is former vice-president Al Gore's wife. In the late 80's Tipper generated a grate controversy over references to sexually explicit lyrics and violence in popular music. She was the founding member of Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC). The PMRC was formed to try and create a rating system for music, similar to the system that is used with films. The rating system didn't happen but record labels were forced to place a parental guidance sticker on albums deemed explicit.

In 1988 she released a book called Raising PG Kids in an X-Rated Society.

Aspasia was Pericles' mistress after he divorced his wife. They had a son together named Pericles. Aspasia played a very rare role in Athenian society. She taught rhetoric, which was used by politicians, thus influencing politicians in Athens. She was seen as a very cultured and intelligent woman by most of society. She also played the role of a lover. When she had Pericles' child it was granted Athenian citizenship. This was unheard of in Athenian society because Aspasia was originally Greek. It was illegal to grant citizenship to a child whose parents were not both Athenian. This demonstrates how highly regarded she was in Athenian society.

If we remove our blinders it is much easier to...