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An introduction into world history. Includes basic notes on the roots of inequality, statistics, and advancement.Yali's Question & the Spread of Ideas"Why did white people develop so much cargo while the New Guineans have not?"-What promotes success within a country/empire?-Trade/ Economy-Climate-Stable government/ Good leadership-Resources-Culture-War and conquest-What allowed advancement in certain areas across Eurasia, while areas such as Africa, Russia, and America fell slowly behind?-Ideas spread east and west of the same longitude, because of similar conditions/climate. For example, if The Fertile Crescent grew wheat and barley successful, so would most of the other region on the same longitude.

>>>Europe, supported y its geography, had pigs, cows, sheep, and horses; all very useful domesticated animals, which aided advancements in agricultural domestication. America could not expand as quickly because they only had llamas, Chihuahuas, and turkeys; none could pull plows or aid in farming very well. Not only did geography give Europe great livestock, but it also gave them wheat and barley.

America only had corn, which didn't sufficiently meet their protein needs.

>>> Eurasia expanded and grew, because they had leisure time since domestication was quick, and they used the extra time to work on other skills such as black smiting, trade, pottery, etc. America, on the other hand, spent more time farming and had less time for specialization.

-The rich and the powerful:U.S.--Population= 300 million.

-Average Income= $44,000.

-Literacy= 99%.

-Life expectancy= 78 years old.

-Infant mortality= 6/1,000.

-Average babies per mother= 2.

China--Population= 1.3 billion.

-Average Income= $7,700.

-Literacy= 91%.

-Life expectancy= 73 years old.

-Infant mortality= 22/1,000.

-Average babies per mother= 1.7C.A.R. (Central African Republic)--Population= 4.3 million.

-Average Income= $1,200.

-Literacy= 51%.

-Life expectancy= 42 years old.

-Infant mortality= 87/1,000.

-Average babies per mother= 4.

-What are the positive and negative...