Write about a person that has effected your life. This is a descriptive encounter with a young, homeless girl around Christmas.

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Only a few days before Christmas the shelter was all decorated, a façade of Christmas bliss meant to bring joy into the lives of the worlds less fortunate. I, along with a few of my friends, was serving food through SOME (So Others Might Eat). As I stood passing out hot chocolate and coffee, I watched the small children running around. I watched with enjoyment their happiness and carefree play and not so long after a small girl approached me. I still remember her deep, almond eyes, sparkling with youth and joy. These same eyes gazed me over, paying special attention to the Santa hat on my head. "Do you work for Santa?" she asked with such urgency I could not say no. "Will you give him a message for me?" "Of course" I replied. She then asked me to tell Santa Claus that she has been extra good that year, and that he mustn't forget her, even though she doesn't live in her house anymore.

I then told her that Santa knew exactly where she was and that he wouldn't forget her. I watched as my reply lifted a weight of that young girl; and such a smile I had never witnessed before. Knowing that I could just by a few words, take away a worry of a child, with already so many things to worry about, has always stayed with me. Before I left that day I made sure that the shelter would help provide presents so that little girl would know she wouldn't be forgotten. Little did she know that I would not forget her either.