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Scott Turner

Biology Article/Paper


The Zodiac Killer's DNA Analysis

The article that I researched was in reference to the now famous San Francisco's own Zodiac Killer. This murder reigned terror upon the bay area for over two decades with his taunting ciphers, cryptic messages and letters and left blood shed at every one of his murders. But, still to this day the San Francisco Police Department have no further leads, suspects or possibilities to whom this killer could be. And it wasn't until recently that the man so assuredly believed to be the actual zodiac killer was ruled out by DNA analysis.

I chose this article because of three reasons, 1). I love police work, to be more specific forensic science. I love out it works and plays out within the confines of the law enforcement and criminal justice fields of work. 2.) This particular story and events about these murders has always intrigued me, the suspects, the cases and the accusations have always loomed to me as being so impervious to any other possible homicide unsolved case.

And lastly, 3.) What kind of psychological make up would it take to drive a human being to not only work up the nerve to taunt the police but to actually commit these murders and then rub it in the polices face that they're so far out on tracking the actual killer down. And then go as far as to having a major newspaper publications told to print your cryptic message or you'd go on a "killing rampage".

Over the many years of the relentless work performed by not only the San Francisco police department but as well the Vallejo Police Department there has been one, and only one strong suspect presumed to be the actual zodiac killer. That being the...